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Why Sprout Is My Favorite Professor at Hogwarts

This video by John Spencer was a beautiful reminder that being different is not a bad thing; individuality is one of the beautiful parts of the human experience. Even though we may feel like the "outcast" at times (in Spencer's case, the "nerd," a trope I can relate to in my own life) we all have special qualities that deserve to be recognized and celebrated, and sometimes it just takes us a little while to find the right moment to shine. I love the comparison of Spencer's life to that of Neville Longbottom's, the lovable but awkward boy in the Harry Potter series. Neville's inner light was first recognized and appreciated by Professor Sprout, and Spencer relates the idea that a good teacher can change the life of a student by understanding and believing in their potential. 

3 tips to boost your confidence

I find when I feel confident in myself and my abilities I tend to engage more robustly with the world around me, so I was intrigued as to how I could help generate this feeling (which is sometimes difficult to find during low moments.) A fascinating point made in the video was that our ability to be confident sometimes comes down to our biology: the ability of our brain to generate neurochemicals that cause us to feel certain ways. My favorite tip mentioned was that of picturing success before you begin an activity. I believe that approaching life with a positive mindset can completely change the way you feel about yourself and your performance, and help you find a deeper connection to your inner strength.


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