Time Strategies

3 Steps to Recapture Time

The first step described in this article centers around the activities that should take place in the first fifteen minutes of the day. I agree with the author that it is important to set the tone of the day by taking time to think about what you want to accomplish and how you will get there. I also like that she includes time to meditate/relax in order to focus and center yourself. Another step described likens humans to plants, and includes the idea that we should "prune" ourselves in order to eliminate unnecessary clutter in our lives. This includes relationships and responsibilities that prevent us from being able to grow.

The title of this article instantly caught my eye; I hear the phrase "too busy" quite often, and I am almost never convinced that people are truly "too busy." The author of this articles dissects this concept and replaces it with a more accurate one: "prioritizing my time." How we use out time is an active choice; when we misuse our time it is a result of our own failure to prioritize, rather than being symptomatic of a lifestyle that is "too busy."

Here is a quote I really loved from the article:
"Somehow, talking about how busy someone is has become a twisted sort of compliment, and a point of pride."

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