Feedback Strategies

How to Give Bad Feedback Without Being a Jerk 
By Adam Grant

-The "feedback sandwich" - positive, negative, positive
-Positive feedback can "fall on deaf ears" because the person is waiting for the negative
-They might see positive feedback as "softening the blow" of what is to come (the negative)
-By starting and ending with positive feedback, criticisms may be lost
-19 words can help improve feedback reception by 40% - “I’m giving you these comments because I have very high expectations and I know that you can reach them.”
-Level the playing field; you're not on a pedestal
-Ask if someone wants feedback rather than giving it immediately
-Dialogue versus monologue

Why Do So Many Managers Avoid Giving Praise?
By Jack Zenger and Joseph Folkman

-Managers feel it's their job to give negative feedback, with positive feedback being optional
-People do not like to give negative feedback
-Positive feedback actually makes a greater impact
-Effective feedback givers determined by those willing to give positive feedback
-Leaders underestimate positive reinforcement
-When colleagues know you're their advocate, they are more likely to be receptive to criticism

And hopefully, the car also. Source: Growth Mindset and Feedback Cats


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