Reading Notes: Arabian Nights Part B

Aladdin and the Wonderful Lamp

-Poor tailor with an idle son
-Father dies because of son's idleness
-African magician shows up claiming to be Aladdin's uncle
-Aladdin and his mother have dinner with the strange man
-The next day he takes Aladdin to buy fine clothing and begin his transition to a productive human being
-The magician leads Aladdin to gardens and then onward toward the mountains
-The magician tricks Aladdin into going after a magic lamp
-Aladdin wanders through halls and fruit tree gardens, finds, the lamp, and returns
-Aladdin refused to give him the lamp, and the magician shuts the door out of the cave
-Aladdin cries and ends up rubbing a ring the magician gave him
-A genie appears

-Aladdin returns home
-His mother polishes the lamp to get it ready to sell, and another genie appears
-The boy asks for food and the lamp genie fetches a feast
-The sultan orders all homes shut up as his daughter goes to the bath 
-Aladdin desires to see her face, so he hides behind the bathhouse
-He catches sight of her beauty through a crack and falls in love with her
-Sends his mother with jewels to ask the Sultan for his daughter's hand
-The Sultan agrees, but says she must wait three months
-After just two months, the sultan betrays his promise and marries his daughter the the vizier's son
-Aladdin requests that the lamp genie bring the bride and groom to him
-The groom is sent outside, and Aladdin instead spends the night by the bride's side

-Both bride and groom are very unhappy the next morning
-The princess' mother comes to talk with her, but does not believe her story about what has passed during the night
-The same thing continues to happen each night
-The vizier's son finally decides he has had enough
-At the end of the three months Aladdin's mother returns
-The Sultan demands a huge sum for the marriage of his daughter
-Aladdin asks the genie to provide it
-The Sultan gives his daughter in marriage
-Aladdin builds a splendid palace for her
-They are married to the sounds of much rejoicing 
-Aladdin is gentle and kind to the people of the land and is loved by all

A pas de deux from the ballet Scheherezade. Source: Flickr


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