Reading Notes: Filipino Tales Part A

The Three Friends

-Buñgisñgis: “a large strong man that is always laughing”
-Derived from the root ñgisi, “to show the teeth”
-Three friends go to live in the country: monkey, dog, carabao
-As the carabao is frying meat the Buñgisñgis comes up to him and asks for the food; when the carabao refuses the Buñgisñgis throws him into the earth
-Monkey and dog return from hunting to find carabao sunk into the earth
-They then cook the rest of their food
-The Buñgisñgis is clever and knows their is union in strength - avoids attacking all three at once
 -The next day the Buñgisñgis returns and similarly intimidates dog
-The monkey digs a pit, and the next day when the Buñgisñgis arrives tricks him into falling in, burying him with earth 
-Dog and carabao return and foolishly dig him up; they suffer terrible fates
-Monkey escapes up a tree
-When he encounters the Buñgisñgis again in the forest, he tricks him into thinking a beehive is a bell, and when the Buñgisñgis pulss the vine on which it rests, he is attacked by bees
-Finds monkey playing with a boa constrictor, which the monkey offers him as a belt if he will spare his life
-The Buñgisñgis agrees and is quickly squeezed to death 

-Ambo, Iloy, Suan are three brothers who skip out on school and go wandering
-Come across two old ladies in turn 
-Ambo receives a magic book from the first that brings the dead back to life
-Iloy receives a mat that can fly anywhere in an instant
-Suan finds two stones that continually morph and un-morph into one stone and assumes they have magical powers of repairing broken objects
-Ambo uses the book to bring a dead young lady back to life
-Iloy whisks all the brothers away with the woman
-Suan uses the stones to repair broken planks on the ship that they use to flee to another land, therefore saving the boat from sinking
-The brothers argue over who is entitled to the woman
-The king divides her into three parts and gives one to each
-Ambo and Iloy decide their sections are useless and throw them away
-Suan reunites these pieces with his and lives happily with the woman

The mighty carabao. Source: Wikimedia Commons


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