Reading Notes: Filipino Tales Part B

-A carabao is resting under a tree by the river when a hummingbird passes by
-"Friend carabao" and "little hum"
-Hummingbird says she has come to drink on this hot day
-Carabao teases that a drop will be enough
-They then make a bet to see who can drink more
-Carabao drinks and drinks, but the tide is rising, so the water level never seems to go down
-Hummingbird teases that he has actually added more water to the river
-Hummingbird then pretends to drink, but in reality just waits until the tide begins to ebb, so it appears that she has drunk down the river
-Carabao is stupefied and saturated with water, hardly able to move

-Ang-ngalo is the son of the God of  building 
-"The ocean at the time was pure, its water being the accumulated tears of disappointed goddesses"
-Goddess of darkness asks Ang-ngalo to build her a palace made of white bricks
-Goes to the ruler of the salt kingdom, Asin, who gives him bricks of pure white salt
-Ang-ngalo builds bamboo bridges that millions of workers cross to transport the bricks
-The ocean is angered by this ongoing disturbance 
-She sends a massive wave to destroy the bridges 
-"The brick-carriers and their burden were buried in her deep bosom"
-The salt dissolved, and that is why the ocean is salty 

The humble hummingbird. Source: Wikimedia Commons


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