Reading Notes: Turkish Fairy Tales Part A

-A young boy's mother tells him to shut the door because she has a fear
-The boy asks what fear is
-The mother answers that it is "being afraid"
-The boy sets out to discover what fear truly is
-Finds a group of robbers, who tell him fear is there with them
-They ask him to cook helwa in a nearby cemetery, where a hand reaches out of a grave to ask the boy for food
    -The hand is beaten back by a spoon
    -"Naturally I should feed the dead before the living" (what a sassy child)
-The robbers send him to abandoned building, where he finds a bracelet, but not fear
-The boy then helps save a sinking ship by flogging the daughter of the sea, who is rocking it and causing the passengers to be afraid
-Three pigeons dive into a fountain and are transformed into women
    -Each drinks to the health of the boy for his various encounters with fear that he did not flinch by

The Wizard-Dervish
-Padishah = great king
-A padishah with no son encounters a dervish
-The dervish gives him an apple, telling him to split it with his wife, who will then have a son
-The dervish demands one condition: at 20 years of age, the boy will belong to him
-On the prince's wedding day, when he is 20 years old, the dervish carries him off
-In the woods, the boy observes three white doves transform into women who go to bathe in the lake
-The last offers him advice as to what he should say as he is being flogged by the dervish
-This maiden comes to him in the form of a dove when he is walking in the woods ad gives him a bird
-She instructs him to release the bird when the dervish offers the three maidens as brides and asks him to choose, because it will fly to her
-The prince does just this, and is married to the maiden

Halva galore. Source: Wikimedia Commons


  1. Hi Joni!
    First of all, I noticed that we chose the same theme for our blog with the same colors and everything. You have great taste ;)
    My style of note taking is very different from yours, but I learned of new techniques I can use. For one, I feel like when retelling your story, the bullet points make it more efficient to find what you are looking for without having to refer back to the actual story. This probably saves you a lot of time and prevents you from the possibility of accidentally plagiarizing.


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