Reading Notes: Turkish Fairy Tales Part B

Patience-Stone and Patience-Knife

-A girl is sitting embroidering, and a bird shows up
-The bird says her kismet is with a dead person
-The girl is afraid and locks all of her doors and windows the next day
-But the bird appears yet again on her table with the same message
-Taking extra precaution the next day, she works by candlelight in the cupboard
-But yet again, her feathery nemesis shows up
-Mother and daughter confine themselves to the house lest the bird return
-The girl goes out with friends, but while drinking at a lake she is cut off from them by a wall
-The wall has a door, and inside the girl finds a splendid palace filled with gold and jewels
-Encounters a bey with instructions that whoever fans him and prays by him will find their kismet

The Imp of the Well

-A journey ensues that ends up at a garden
-There a miller was grinding mill with a cat beside him
-A woodcutter with a "cantankerous" wife lived nearby
-She was greedy and purposefully displeased her husband
-When the man withheld some money to buy rope and the wife found out, they got into an almost lethal kerfuffle
-Man goes into the mountains to cut wood, and his wife follows
-Despite his warning, she falls down into a well
-He leaves her there, but, regretting it the next day, throws down a rope
-Instead of his wife, he pulls up an imp
-The imp rewards him by giving him three leaves; he instructs him to present them when the Sultan's daughter becomes sick, for they are the only thing that will cure her and the man will be richly rewarded

The Liver

-A woman gives her daughter money to buy liver
-While washing it in the river, a stork grabs it away
-He demands barley in payment for the liver
-The girls goes to a farmer to ask for barley
-He in return asks that she pray to Allah for rain
-A man comes along who claims prayer will not work without incense
-The girl asks the man for incense
-He demands shoes in payment
-The shoemaker requires ox-leather before he will make the shoes
-Goes to a tanner, who says he will need a hide from an ox to make the leather
-The ox asks for straw in return for a hide
-The girl asks a peasant for straw, who asks for a kiss in return
-The girl kisses the peasant and receives the straw, and is then able to trace the chain of requests back to the stork, from whom she gets back the liver

Little birds carry all sorts of valuable messages. Source: pixabay


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