Storybook Plan

Episodes Under Consideration-A Letter to Allah about the moon in the well
-A Letter to The Sun and Moon Gods of the Blackfoot Tribe from their grandson Starboy
-A Letter to Huitzilopochtli (Aztec Sun God) from his mother

Formatting Ideas
I want to play with true letter format in these stories, meaning there will be a salutation, a body, and a closing. Specifically, I want to experiment with informal/formal tones of letter writing. For instance, the letter from the peasant who spots the moon in the well to Allah might be very formal, whereas the letter from Huitzilopochtli's mother to him may be much more informal. Or perhaps because this is the expected choice, I will mix it up and switch these two story approaches. After all, many people feel a very personal connection to God(s) (in this case Allah), whereas the relationship between mother and son can be one of distant respect and obeisance as much as affectionate love. Rather than writing one-way letters, I am also thinking about writing two letters in conversation with each other per "story." Taking the first story idea as an example, this would mean a letter to Allah from the peasant and then one from Allah to the peasant. Perhaps I will get really crazy and have the Gods cross paths in the letters, or take part in the conversation within the frame of another's story. This could mean an infinite number of letters and connections between the characters!

Main Ideas
-The importance of the sun and moon in different cultures
-The relationship of the sun and moon to other gods/mortals

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