Week 6 Lab: Style

-Create freedom appears liberating
-Ironically, we find ourselves paralyzed by "boundless freedom"
-Cost, materials, laws of physics: creative constraints 
-Apply across professions
-Constraints are essential 
  -This is especially true of scientific experiments, where variables are controlled 
  -Engineers discover constraints and then find solutions to problems by working around them
-Iterative vs. innovative
  -Iterative: How can I create a better...
  -Innovative: How can I reach my goal when the best solution doesn't work...
-"Serendipitous failures" sometimes end up being the solution to the constraints of other problems

  -Can mean authoritarian
  -BUT this is not the whole story
  -Deceptive and manipulative use of language
-George Orwell opposed to tyranny 
-Believed language shapes our thoughts and opinions
-Double speak: words used not to convey meaning, but to undermine it 
  -War is peace
  -Freedom is slavery
  -Ignorance is strength
-"Newspeak" in 1984
  -Omits words in the english language
  -Prevents complex thought
-Double think: cognitive dissonance; disregard personal perceptions for officially mandate version
  -Private thoughts are violated

"Political language is designed to make lies sound truthful and murder respectable, and to give an appearance of solidity to pure wind"
-Ethnic cleansing
-Enhanced interrogation techniques

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