Reading Notes: Apache Tales Part A

-Kubatc'istcine and Naiyenesgani are companions who go to visit their grandmother
-They ask her to make something to play with
-Grandmother tells them to go to their father
-Their father, the sun, gives them a hoop and pole game and arrows
-Tells them not to roll the hoop north
-They inevitably do, and it lands in owl's house
-Owl's wife chops them up and put them in a pot of boiling water; they tell stories
-When she tries to skewer them, they jump out of the pot
-Owl determines they are using magic not to die
-She then puts them in the ashes and lays a fire on top of them; they tell stories
-When she fails again to retrieve them as a cooked meal, owl lets them go
-They run home with their toys

-A girl finds a dead deer by a lake where she and others are camping
-This happens four times, and each time the deer is eaten
-One of the campers spies the monster killing the deer
-Various members of the camp are told to make various sounds when the monster comes
-The sounds confuse the monster as he runs around trying to find the people making them
-Eventually he eats all of them except for a little girl
-The little girl goes to spider, who hides her
-When the monster asks where the girl is, the spider says he has not seen anyone
-The monster threatens to swallow spider
-Spider then tears the monster to pieces and takes the girl home
-Spider's wife is jealous of the girl and comes up with a plan
-She hangs a swing on a tree for the girl
-The rope quickly breaks and the girl falls into the water
-She turns into a frog

The gaze of the coyote. Source: Wikimedia Commons


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