Reading Notes: Apache Tales Part B

-A group is tired from outrunning an enemy
-Most die, but the survivor sleeps under a tree
-Ravens living in the tree converse about the men of the group, who had been killing buffalo
-The man is thirsty and journeys to a prairie dog village
-One of the prairie dogs brings him water
-The man sees a buffalo calf and journeys with him
-They come to a group of buffalo and camp with them
-When the man wakes the buffalo are gone
-He journeys after them, camps with them once again, and in the morning finds them gone
-This cycle repeats several times
-The chief buffalo speaks to another one of the buffalos about his wife
-This buffalo declares that if there is anyone braver than him, he should be entitled to marry his wife
-The man is given arrows by the chief buffalo
-The man and the other buffalo then engage in battle

-The men of the world congregate to run a race to the edge of the world, where a pretty girl lives
-Coyote is far ahead of the others but keeps looking back 
-Heron asks Mole where they are all running, and he replies to the pretty girl 
-Heron commands Mole to sit on his back
-Heron catches up to coyote and passes him
-Puts Mole down and tells him to go to the girl
-When the other runners arrive, Heron asks them why they are running, for mole has already married the girl

-Coyote arrives at a camp and asks for a girl in marriage
-Her father says he will only give her to someone with large leg muscles, so coyote displays his and is given the girl
-Coyote leaves to go get his horse, but disappears
-The family moves on
-The girl marries Mosquito
-Each night, he only returns with blood, never the full kill 
-Claims that ravens eat up the meat and bones of the animals he hunts
-The wife uncovers Mosquito as he sleeps and decides to move on without him
-Coyote marries another girl and also fails to bring home meat

Playtime for the prairie dogs. Source: National Park Service


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