Week 12 Lab: TVtropes

This website is incredible! Before I knew it I had been surfing through the pages for hours. Each time I clicked on one, there would be several other intriguing links on that page that I then wanted to follow up with, and I went in circles connecting ideas and learning about the versatility and breadth of tropes in stories. I've included notes about a few of my favorites below!

Killer Rabbit

I was immediately drawn to this article, because the title brought to mind the famous scene in "Monty Python and the Holy Grail" when the Killer Rabbit of Caerbannog rips apart the knights attempting to enter the cave. I love the idea that a creature known for its cuteness and fluffiness can double as a a fierce adversary. In the words of the author, "beware the cute ones."

Jizzed In My Pants

When I saw this page I couldn't resist clicking on it. I am a huge fan of The Lonely Island, and they have a music video called "Jizz in My Pants." (To my delight, one of the lyrics was included on the page.) The page described how that in cases where this trope appears, men may ejaculate from so little as talking to a girl or brushing up against her. In the Lonely Island music video, they include ridiculous orgasm-inducing scenarios, including eating a grape and watching Bruce Willis die at the end of the movie Sixth Sense. I was surprised to to learn that in anime, the trope of the easily overstimulated male often manifests as explosive nosebleeds.

Rare Sentence
The rare sentence is one that is "utterly crazy sounding," and may prompt a response such as "I'll bet no one's ever said that before!" I decided to try my hand at a few:
-"Sorry I'm late, my porcupine fell off a ladder."
-"It's so frustrating when my bananas turn purple."
-"The last time I want to the waterpark I invented time travel."
-"I lost my virginity on a rollercoaster."

A bloodthirsty bunny. Source: Comic Book


TV Tropes. Website. Web Source


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