Week 8 Comments and Feedback

Feedback In

In general the comments I have received thus far have largely been positive, but many of them focus on praise rather than on suggestions or critiques. I think having more balanced feedback would help me to think about my writing in new ways. The most helpful comments I have received so far have been questions that ask me to consider how I could expand on my story, or what alternate versions of it might look like. One comment even made me want to go and write another story based on an idea the commenter honed in on from my first!

Feedback Out

I put a lot of care into reading others' stories and leaving comments that I feel will be helpful to the author. I try to always say something positive and point out elements of the story that I particularly enjoyed, while also including constructive feedback on elements I felt could be improved. I try not to overwhelm my comments with too much information, but rather be concise in giving useful suggestions. Seeing how others structure their work definitely helps me to generate ideas about how I can approach my own writing in new ways.

Blog Comments

I really enjoy reading other students' introductions, and I do feel that this provides a great way to connect with them and see what kind of background they will bring to their writing. However, after this initial interaction, I often feel that I become disconnected from my fellow classmates and lose track of who is who. I think something that might be really fun would be to write "life updates" periodically throughout the semester about things we are doing in our lives or thoughts we have about things going on around us. This would help us continue to connect throughout the course. 

Looking Forward I think I would benefit from not hyper-focusing on copyediting details. I have worked as a copyeditor in the past for various writing platforms, and tend to hone in on incorrect grammatical structures, spelling mistakes, and misused punctuation. I have to remind myself that it can be useful to take a step back and see how I can offer broader feedback on the concepts and ideas of a story, rather than nitpicking each little mistake.

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