Week 8 Progress

Looking Back
I am very happy with my progress so far in this course, and I am on track in terms of completing assignments and keeping up with points. I am most proud of the stories I have written based on the weekly readings; I've had a lot of fun experimenting with new styles of storytelling and getting creative with my plot choices. I also really like how my storybook is coming together. It took me a little longer than in the previous course (Epics of India) to decide where I wanted to go with it, but I'm happy to have found my groove. I've done a few extra blog comments, but I'd like to try and utilize the extra credit option more going forward. 

Looking Forward
As of right now there is nothing I would like to change in terms of my approach to the course. Regarding my writing, I want to continue to experiment with different stylistic choices. I'm thinking it might be fun to try narrating from an unexpected perspective; I tend to default to the omniscient voice, but writing through the eyes of a character may lead me to find new avenues for creativity. I'd also like to try experimenting with a more lyrical flow and narrating a story through a series of poems.


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  1. Hey! I think your idea for looking forward, the narrative through the eyes of one of the characters, would be a great turning point in your story telling. Telling through the eyes of the characters allows for more in-depth character development to occur within the stories. Congrats on sticking on track and being up to date with assignments!


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