Week 8 Reading and Writing

Looking Back

So far, the reading and writing assignments for this course have been going very well for me. I am enjoying all of the story genres I've chosen to explore, and it is amazing getting acquainted with tales from around the world. I particularly love when there is overlap between different stories, and I can draw connections between the cultures where they come from. I've found a lot of inspiration for my own stories, and have had fun reworking the folktales I've read or framing elements of them in a new way. I like the look of both my blog and my storybook website, and I try to find interesting images each time I post to make them eye-catching. I believe my biggest accomplishment so far has been to go out of my comfort zone and experiment with satirical writing. My style tends to be more serious and descriptive, but I have found that going out on a limb and personifying vegetables or explaining the look of the naked mole rat has been a great adventure into another style of prose. 


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One of the most exciting parts of starting my storybook has been looking for images of the sun and moon to include beside the stories. So far I have found several amazing images, and I have received great feedback on them. This is one of the first I published, and I believe it is an oil painting. I want to try and find images that depict the sun and moon through all sorts of mediums: clay, stone, beads, crayon... who knows what's out there! Stay tuned. 

Looking Forward

I am generally very happy with how I am approaching the reading and writing for this class, and there is not much I would change. One thing that I could perhaps do better is allow myself more time to digest the stories I read before I take notes on them. Sometimes I take notes as I go, but I find this breaks the intensity of the story and makes me feel disconnected from the characters. I believe reading through stories once purely for pleasure before I take notes will enhance my reading experience.


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