Reading Notes: Alice in Wonderland Part A

-Alice is sitting by her sister on the bank of a river
-Her sister is reading, but Alice is very bored
-She is contemplating making a daisy chain when suddenly a white rabbit runs by her
-The rabbit is muttering to himself about being late, which seems quite natural to Alice at the time 
-When the rabbit takes a watch out of its waistcoat pocket, it suddenly occurs to Alice that this is a strange sight
-She follows the rabbit as he disappears under a hedge
-Alice jumps into the rabbit hole behind him and finds herself falling a long way down
-She is able to examine a multitude of cupboards and bookshelves in the sides of the well as she falls 
-Alice begins wondering aloud how many miles she has fallen into the earth
-She begins wondering if she might fall clear through the earth, and end up in a country such as New Zealand or Australia
-She is a very curious little girl and imagines such wild things as she continues to fall

-Alice comes upon a caterpillar smoking hookah
-The caterpillar recites his famous "Who are YOU?" line
-Alice has undergone such a day of adventures (with more to come) that she says she hardly knows who she is anymore
-The caterpillar demands she explain herself
-Caroll uses clever wordplay here to confuse the nature of the conversation between Alice and the Caterpillar
-She says she cannot explain "herself" precisely because she doesn't feel like her old self anymore
-Alice remarks she has changed into many sizes that day
-The caterpillar appears unphased by this, even as Alice describes the major changes he will undergo to become a butterfly 
-The caterpillar then asks her again what she means by "me," and their conversation goes right back to where it started
-When Alice says he should state who he is first, he asks why and stumps her
-As she turns to leave, he calls after saying he has something important to say 
-He bluntly tells her to "keep her temper"
-They then engage in a dialogue about how Alice has changed 

Alice and an angry flamingo. Source: Wikipedia 


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