Reading Notes: Alice in Wonderland Part B

-The March Hare and Mad Hatter are having tea at a large table outside of a house
-The doormouse is asleep between them, and they are using him as a cushion to rest their elbows on 
-They are huddled together at one corner of the table screaming "no room!" when in fact there are many open chairs
-Alice sits down at the end of the table and is offered wine
-Not seeing any, Alice inquires where it is, and the March Hare boldly declares there is none
-Alice is annoyed by his lack of manners
-The Hatter declares Alice's hair "wants cutting" (hair personification??) and Alice remarks he should not make personal comments
-The Hatter asks "why is the raven like the writing desk?"
-Alice is delighted to have a riddle to solve, but is berated by the two other tea partiers for how she goes about declaring she will solve it
-Even the door mouse chimes in despite his drowsy state 
-The Hatter takes out his pocket watch to see what day it is
-It's two days off, and the Hatter grumbles that butter was probably not the best thing to put in the watch
-The Hatter and Hare decide it was the crumbs, and not the butter, that gunked the works
-Alice and the Hatter then argue over what length of time a watch should be responsible for telling

-Alice comes upon a rose tree garden
-Three gardeners are painting the white roses red
-The gardeners are bickering among themselves, and we learn the are called "Two," "Five," and "Seven"
-When Alice asks why they are painting the roses, one of them tells her that they put in a white rose tree by mistake, and that this is a beheadable offense
-One of them spots the queen across the garden and cries out; the three fall flat onto their faces
-A grand procession of courtiers comes marching along, including the white rabbit
-The king and queen of hearts trail the procession
-When the queen asks Alice her name and who the face down cards are, she is bold and declares it is none of her business
-The queen shrieks "off with her head!" but the king calms her down
-When the cards are flipped over and the queen sees what they have been up to, she orders their beheadings
-Alice saves the cards by hiding them in a flower pot
-The queen asks Alice if she can play croquet, and with an affirmation, joins the procession

Alice spies the Cheshire Cat. Source: Max Pixel


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