Reading Notes: Faerie Queen Part A

-Prince Arthur and Sir Guyon are traveling together having epic adventures
-they were glorious and honorable, and aimed to reprieve the weak and oppressed
-One day a knight began spurring toward them across an open plain 
-Sir Guyon want to face the attack, but was knocked from his horse
-He felt a deep sense of shame, but what he did not realize was the that spear that threw him was enchanted, and no man could have resisted it
-The other knight was secretly a maiden, the princess of Britomart
-She was on a quest to find the knight Artegall, whose glory she had seen in a magic mirror
-She disguised herself as a knight, and her nurse disguised herself as her squire
-Sir Guyon rose to go after the attacker on foot, but his attendant warned him against it
-Sir Guyon and the knight were then reconciled and swore friendship
-Knights did not always fight out of malice, but out of the desire to test their strength and manliness
-It was considered a valuable trait to be able to "lose with good grace"
-The three knights then traveled on together to other adventures

-Princess Britomart's father was given a magic looking glass by the magician Merlin
-One day, she looked in the mirror and saw the image of the knight Artegall
-After that day, she had difficulty sleeping, and would spend her nights tossing and turning
-Britomart longed to see the image of her knight again
-Her nurse tried to console her, but Britomart remained enamored with the shadow of the knight and grieved her inability to be with the one she loved
-Her nurse declares that she will discover the knight and revive her lady's will to live
-Britomart and the nurse set out to find Merlin, figuring he could tell them where the real knight in the mirror resided
-The nurse declares a strange malady has overcome the princess, and even though Merlin knows what the trouble is, he pretends not to until the nurse reveals their true cause 
-Finally, Merlin reveals he knows why the princess is suffering, and reveals the details of her future
-She is destined to fight many great battles beside Sir Artegall and become his queen

The enchanted wizard Merlin. Source: Wikimedia Commons


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