Reading Notes: Faerie Queen Part B

-Britomart hides in the strange castle 
-The next evening, she enters the strange room where the charms of the previous night had passed into
-She finds a maiden bound by chains to a pillar within 
-The Enchanter, who rules the castle, sits within drawing strange symbols in blood
-This is one of many charms he has tried to use to win the lady's love
-Still she refuses to give into her tormentor
-When the Enchanter sees Britomart, he runs at the lady with a knife, intending to kill her
-Britomart swoops in and knocks him down
-He wounds Britomart, but in turn she swings at him and brings him to half death
-The lady begs her not kill him, for only he can undo the chains and suffering she is bound by
-Britomart forces him to undo the enchantments that ensnare, and as her chains fall she is returned to perfect health
-They leave the castle to go to the lady's lover, the knight Scudamor
-Unfortunately, Britomart's quest to save the lady had taken so long he had given up hope and journeyed on, believing she was dead

-Sir Scudamor leaves the House of Care and is riding through the forest
-He spots another knight in the distance, who rides toward him 
-This knight refuses to give his name, but tells Scudamor he is referred to as the "Savage Knight"
-He explains he was recently disgraced by a knight, and is waiting in the forest to seek his revenge
-He describes this knight as having an ebony spear, and having dishonored him from his rightful place in the tournament 
-Scudamor realizes he is talking about Britomart, with whom he also has beef, believing he stole his lady Amoret from him
-Scudamor vows to help him seek his revenge
-He asks for first right to battle Britomart, since he was first wronged
-Charging against Britomart, he quickly finds himself grounded
-Sir Artegall then charges, and also winds up dismounted
-He and Briotmart then battle on foot
-With a seemingly deadly blow, he knocks off her visor
-Her true form as a woman is revealed
-Both Artegall and Scudamor are stunned by her angelic beauty, kneeling before her and refusing to fight

A gleaming knight. Source: Max Pixel


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